Fill Me Up

I’ve been feeling really low the past few days. Tired. Discouraged. Depressed.

I’m doubting that You can satisfy me in every way. Please, God, forgive me for this, and change my heart and mind according to Your Word. Convict me by Your Holy Spirit of the truth of Your sufficiency! Help me believe, Father. Help my unbelief!

I know in my mind that You alone can fulfill me, sustain me, and satiate my every longing and desire. And that You are the ONLY One who can fill me up so that I want no more… But I’m having a difficult time truly believing this. I’m repeatedly running to lesser things, to things that leave me empty.

No matter what I think or how I feel right now, I choose to believe You and to put my trust in You as my life and breath, my Love, my best friend, my Savior and Lord. I choose to believe that You are the only One who can satisfy. I praise You Jesus, even though right now I’m struggling to believe and to feel this. Thank You for loving me so much that You don’t run away from me when I fall short of Your standards.

Help me to respond to Your grace with gratitude and faith. Help me to react to Your love with the surrendering of my entire being to You – to You, God, the only self-existing Being, Who needs nothing, and yet chooses to make me Your own.

Please, Abba, fill me up! Fill me up to overflowing. Reveal to me my idols and selfish desires for what they truly are. Show me that in You I have everything I will ever want and need.

I love you, Father!

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