Thy Will Be Done

So I've been struggling with mental health issues for about 20 years. It started when I was a teenager and there were a lot of family issues going on that caused a great turmoil in my heart. And it just kind of grew from there. I've been diagnosed with severe, chronic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), … Continue reading Thy Will Be Done

Coins in a Jar

Forty-four dollars and nineteen cents. That's how much money I received from the machine after putting in all of the coins that my Dad had saved up for me. He loves throwing his change in a jar when he comes home from work, and then giving it to me to cash out and use towards things that I need. … Continue reading Coins in a Jar

When I’m With You

"When I’m with You I feel the real me finally breaking through It’s all because of You Jesus Anytime anywhere any heartache I’m never too much for You to take There’s only love There’s only grace When I’m with You" ~ Citizen Way I'm so glad that I can be myself with God. Yesterday and … Continue reading When I’m With You