Praising in the Valley

I thought I was doing okay.

I just celebrated my birthday with my family. I received some thoughtful gifts. My husband took a few days off to spend time with me.

But it hit today. What hit, you may ask? Depression did.

The force of it overwhelms me at random. It drags me down into its darkness. It pulls me deep into its pit. The depression is always there, but sometimes it hits so hard that it knocks me down and leaves me gasping for air.

Maybe it’s the quiet lull after the birthday celebration that caused it. Or maybe it has to do with my wacky cycle, or the fertility medicines I’m taking. Or it could be from the bad habits that I get myself stuck in. Or a combination of all three! I guess it doesn’t matter, though. It comes when it wants to and stays until it’s ready to move on.

I know that what will NOT help me is wallowing. On the other hand, what WILL help me is praising. Praising God for who He is. For all that He’s done. For His many blessings. It certainly doesn’t come naturally, especially when I feel so low. But I know that praise and gratitude are the answer.

Please, pray that I will praise in the midst of this valley. ❤

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Choosing Praise

I’ve been struggling with a number of things over the past several weeks. But I have consistently been reminded through Scripture or through loved ones that I need to trust God in the midst of what’s going on – and also that I need to be grateful and continue to praise God. The below poem is my heart’s cry in response to this. I pray that it will be worked out into my life each day as I seek to give my Father the praise that He is due, despite my circumstances.

I will praise you in the morning

When the sun does rise;

Praise You in the evening

Through the darkening skies.


I will praise you when I’m joyful

And when I’m feeling low;

Praise you simply because

You tell me to do so.


My God, I will praise You

When each need of mine is met;

And Father I will praise You

When the bills tempt me to fret.


I will pour our Your praises

When my family’s healthy and strong;

And still I’ll choose to praise You

When sickness lasts too long.


Jesus I will praise You

For all You are and all You’ve done,

And I will continue to praise You

Until into Your arms I run. ❤


Photo by Michał Gałężewski on Unsplash