Stepping Forward in Faith

The Bible has a great deal to say about waiting for God, and the teaching cannot be too strongly emphasized. We so easily become impatient with God's delays. Yet much of our trouble in life is the result of our restless, and sometimes reckless, haste. We cannot wait for the fruit to ripen, but insist … Continue reading Stepping Forward in Faith

When You Want to Give Up

I haven't been able to post in almost a week and a half, but that doesn't mean that God hasn't been at work. In fact, quite the contrary. The Lord has been teaching me through my circumstances things that I probably wouldn't be able to learn otherwise. For the past several weeks, I've been going … Continue reading When You Want to Give Up

Turning Defeat into Victory

If a person allows it, he can find something at every turn of the road that will rob him of his victory and his peace of mind. Satan is far from retiring from his work of attempting to deceive and destroy God's children. At each milestone in your life, it is wise to check the … Continue reading Turning Defeat into Victory