Choosing to Remember

in-a-meadowMy journey of faith began many years ago, but I have come to the point in my life where I would like to chronicle this adventure: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I trusted Christ as my Savior at a young age, and the Lord has brought me through many ups and downs since then. But the constant in all of it has been Himself. He has never changed, He has never let me down, and although I have faced numerous trials and difficulties, I can praise Him for what He has taught me and how He has grown me.

Some of the biggest challenges that I have been working on and continue to work on have been my battles with anxiety, OCD (Obsessivie-Compulsive Disorder), and depression. These tendencies infiltrate my everyday life, and I am learning how to rely on God to overcome them–little by little–so that I can walk in victory.

As I mentioned, my growth has occurred over time. I have good days and bad days…and then there are the really bad days. But I want to be able to remember the valleys that God brings me through, and to hopefully share something of substance with others who also wrestle with these horrible joy-stealers.

Will you accompany me as I begin this new phase of my journey?

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