A Time of Transition

It’s been a time of transition.

I’ve begun my business as a Steeped Tea Independent Consultant, and I’m learning more each day. I’m tasting the teas, reading the manuals, connecting with others on social networks. Trying my best to make it work.

I’ve also received notice that I have been approved for funding to go back to school. I will be studying Quickbooks and Microsoft Office, with the goal of securing a job working for a small shop (hopefully art-related), handling their finances. I have mixed feelings: anxiety, excitement, doubt, hope. I’m praying that God will guide and direct.

These steps of faith are good. But they are not coming easily for me. I have daily struggles that threaten to hold me back, but I must trust that what God has started, He will complete. All I can do is continually surrender myself to Him and to tip-toe forward.

Transition can be positive, and I’m hoping…and praying…and trusting, that this time of transition will lead to a place of abundance. I know that it will not come without it’s valleys, because the valleys are always there. But I am grateful for the progress, and looking forward to what the Lord will do.

Photo Credit: Jeff Sheldon

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