Peace Begins with a Smile

I’d like to start off by asking, “What makes YOU smile?” Is it nice weather, or a day off from work, or maybe something as simple as your favorite song playing on the radio? Well, that’s the question that I also want to ask of myself today!

What makes me smile?

So here goes…here are thirty things that make me smile.

  1. A well-crafted iced latte
  2. An intriguing book
  3. Capturing a good photograph
  4. Traveling to someplace new
  5. Looking into my Hubby’s baby blue eyes
  6. When my Mom and I call each other on the phone at exactly the same time
  7. When we have our good friends over for dinner on Monday nights
  8. Getting something for cheap, or free!
  9. A good conversation
  10. Get-togethers with my in-laws (there’s always great food and good laughs)
  11. A tasty meal – especially if I didn’t have to cook it 😉
  12. When our pets do something cute
  13. When someone comments on one of my blog posts
  14. Being able to help someone
  15. When my Hubby does a chore without my asking
  16. Knowing I have a God who loves me unconditionally
  17. Writing!
  18. Having a “good hair day”
  19. A soothing cup of tea (add a delicious scone, and it’s even better)
  20. Sliding under the toasty warm covers at bedtime
  21. Meeting someone who struggles with similar issues as I do (it helps me feel like I’m not alone)
  22. When my Hubby and I go over my brother’s apartment for “Movie time”
  23. Finding a good parking spot
  24. Listening to rain pounding on the roof as I fall asleep…thunder is good, too
  25. Going down to my parents’ house for the day
  26. Catching up with a close friend
  27. The smell in our house when I’ve had a crock-pot meal cooking all day
  28. A good hug
  29. The revitalized way I feel after I take a walk and get fresh air
  30. Knowing that I have a purpose and that I have a wonderful adventure ahead of me.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my list! And let me ask you again…what makes YOU smile? Do any of the things that I’ve mentioned make you smile, also?


*I got the idea for this writing prompt from   at Psych Central.

*Featured Photo Credit: Eli Defaria

4 thoughts on “Peace Begins with a Smile

  1. I’m commenting to make you smile as it makes me smile too! A view of the sea or the mountains and good news always make me smile. When my kids run towards me (especially now they are bigger) makes me smile the most.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Liberty! It definitely made me smile. 🙂 And I can agree with a view of the mountains being something that elicits a smile…I don’t live near mountains now, but I did at one time, and they are just so majestic!

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  2. When my kids and grand kids are happy it makes me smile.
    When Hal comes over and gives me a hug and kiss just because.
    Spring flowers starting to push up through the ground.
    The smell of a newborn baby.
    So many more!

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