He Knows What We Need

God knew what I needed before I did.

I was feeling quite down after returning from my psychiatrist appointment. Although our talk went okay, there was a problem with paperwork that he filled out for me – incorrectly – when I really needed for it to be accurate. And then I got stuck in traffic on the way home, which didn’t help…but I gained a new sense of appreciation for my husband, who deals with bad traffic every single day going to and from his job.

Anyways, I got home and made dinner (tacos) and tried to do a few chores. I did a little laundry, a few dishes, and then sat down at the computer to try to write. But I just couldn’t. Normally I enjoy writing, but I was so down that I didn’t even have the energy to do that. I also had a headache. At my whit’s end, I got down on my knees and prayed. I prayed that God would give me wisdom to know how I should spend the time He had given me, and the strength to carry it out. And do you know what? He answered! 🙂

I felt a nudge to go out for a walk. I didn’t really feel like it, as I had no strength and I had already been out for a walk with our dog, Daisy, earlier in the day. Plus it was quite warm outside, and I’m not a fan of the heat. But I slid on my sandals, grabbed my keys, and hit the sidewalk. It wasn’t too warm, there was a nice breeze, and the sun was peeking through the trees. I wish I would have brought my camera, because there were some beautiful trees in bloom. But it was okay – I took pictures with my eyes!

When I returned from the walk, I felt significantly better. I guess the sunshine and the air and the exercise was what I needed. And God knew that – I just had to ask.

So when you’re feeling depressed or anxious, go straight to God. You may not know what is the best thing to help, but He is aware of exactly what you (and I) need – He’s just waiting for us to turn to Him in prayer. ❤

Photo Credit: Redd Angelo

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