Thankful Thursday (episode 9)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared a “Thankful Thursday.” Good things have been happening, and I’ve kept track of a number of them…but for a while I wasn’t putting as much importance on being grateful as I should.

But I’ve been reminded of its importance, and now I’d like to share my gratitude list. The list spans May, June, July, and some of August. These are things for which I give thanks to God:

  • We made some progress cleaning up our backyard
  • Even though I was feeling low and slept much of the day, we ended the day well by going to Barnes and Noble and then having a steak dinner
  • We are blessed to live in a rather small neighborhood
  • I made it through to the end of the SMARTER project as a Scorer at Measurement Inc.
  • God’s forgiveness
  • I saw a beautiful cardinal at our bird feeder
  • I didn’t have to cook or clean up!
  • We were able to get my car’s oil changed for a decent price
  • I didn’t go back to bed after getting up in the morning
  • Who God is – His kindness, protection, wisdom, grace…
  • Free coffee from the Wawa that opened near us
  • God kept us safe in a bad thunderstorm
  • I was notified that I was approved to have some of my student loans forgiven
  • Mom’s knee surgery went well
  • I had just enough money to pay for the groceries we needed
  • How my cat Misty reaches out for my hand with her paw when I pet her
  • We were able to help good friends move into their new apartment
  • God kept me safe while traveling to doctors’ appointments
  • My Dad had his workers put hardwood floor in our house!
  • My first TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatment went well
  • I was able to take care of our friends’ baby and I enjoyed it 😀
  • I’ve made it to my twentieth TMS treatment and I’m feeling somewhat better!

Thanks so much for reading, and feel free to share something that you’re grateful for in the comments! ❤


Photo by Wendy Rueter on Unsplash

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