Baby Steps Forward

I’ve been having a dry spell with my writing. I very much want to “put pen to paper” and script something that is inspiring – but the words don’t seem to want to come.

Have you ever felt this way?

You have so many thoughts bottled up inside, and yet you can’t translate them into words and sentences and paragraphs. You sit in front of the computer waiting for the inspiration to come…but you’re left listless and despairing. You try to search for ideas on the internet, but none of them quite hits home in regards to how you’re feeling at the moment.

That’s where I am. So I’m trying to push through this writer’s block…and hopefully into a better state of mind.

I’m still struggling a lot with depression and anxiety. I lack energy and motivation, obsess about little things, and get overwhelmed easily. But I must say that God has been helping me. He has surrounded me with family and friends who are there to help. He has continued to teach me the importance of being grateful. And He has encouraged me with His Word and His presence.

So I guess He’s been enabling me to take baby steps forward!

And with this New Year ahead – along with so many unknowns – I can trust that He won’t leave me helpless. I have a God who loves me deeply and who longs to see me flourish under His care.


Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

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