Pets and Mental Health

Pets are awesome.

They bring love, companionship, fun, a sense of responsibility, and lots and lots of cuddling to a home (among other things). But pets may also help in another way: promoting good mental health.

I know for me, my dog Daisy and cat Misty keep me upbeat. I feel good as I take care of them. In turn, my pets are happy – which makes me feel doubly good.

I love taking Daisy for walks when the weather is nice. Not only does it get me outside in the sun and get me exercising a bit, but it provides opportunities for me to take photos of nature and of me and my pup. And Daisy doesn’t mind getting out and about as well as keeping on top of the scents in her neighborhood!

Misty is older and does a lot of sleeping and eating, but I still enjoy petting her and brushing her giving her “kitty kisses.” She likes the sun, her cat condo, her food (and treats), and long naps. Just knowing she’s there gives me a good feeling.

All of these benefits help me with my depression and anxiety.

I don’t feel as alone knowing that my pets are around. It also helps that they can snuggle with me in silence – I don’t have to be a certain way around them, and I don’t need to verbally express what’s going on in my mind or hope that their response is encouraging instead of disheartening.

I would recommend a pet to anyone struggling with mental health issues who won’t be too overwhelmed by trying to take care of it!

How is your relationship with your pets? Do they help to keep you in good spirits? Is there a benefit they provide to you that I haven’t mentioned? ❤

The pup and I on our walk today! Yes, I may be acting just a tad goofy in this pic.

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