Thankful Thursday (episode 7)

Okay, so you might be thinking, "Today isn't Thursday!" And I would reply, "You're right!" 🙂 I forgot to write this post yesterday, so I am a day late. But what really matters is that any (and every) day is a good day to be thankful. I tried my best this past week to add to … Continue reading Thankful Thursday (episode 7)

Thankful Thursday (episode 6)

Two weeks have passed since I shared a gratitude list. Last week I was feeling depressed and unmotivated, and I actually forgot to write my post on Thursday. Instead of creating a post the following day, I decided to just wait another week and share two gratitude lists in one. 🙂 I'm still feeling low, but the … Continue reading Thankful Thursday (episode 6)

Thankful Thursday (episode 5)

Well, another week is coming to a close...and I have a lot to be thankful for. 🙂 After the past several weeks of not doing so well with recording my blessings, I found that I was able to keep track of them better this week. I think God is answering my prayers by helping me … Continue reading Thankful Thursday (episode 5)