The Blessing of Family

I'm so grateful for my family! Yesterday afternoon my Mom drove an hour from her home to mine, just to visit me and to help me with several projects around the house. We went shopping for necessary items, and then came back to my home to get to work. My Mom helped me to organize … Continue reading The Blessing of Family

The Fullness of His Grace

Why does God bless us so richly? This was the question I was asking myself as I drove home from the supermarket a short time ago. The past few days, God has been pouring out one blessing on me after another, and I am so grateful. Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail informing … Continue reading The Fullness of His Grace

Hidden Blessings

My puppy, Daisy, has gotten me started on a new routine lately: taking her outside for (almost) daily walks around our neighborhood. At first this was a chore for me. I don't exercise much, and trying to keep up with her would make me tired. Also, I felt a little scared to be walking around … Continue reading Hidden Blessings