Turning Off the Worry Switch


Racing thoughts. Irrational thoughts. Relentless thoughts. When will they end?

I lay awake at night, sleep eluding me, and wonder why my mind won’t just “shut down.”

I had a fairly good day: accomplished several chores, worked on my blog, shared some time with my husband, caught up with my mom over the phone, and took our dog for a walk in the crisp late afternoon air. But for some reason, it seems like there are things left unfinished.

Either that, or I’m concerned about tomorrow.

I must wake up early to go to the Behavioral Health Center that I was discharged from a month and a half ago, in order to sign for and pick up my records. This should be the first step in (hopefully) attaining continued temporary disability benefits.

Then I need to travel to the DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) Center in order to take a Career Scope test. The goal of the test is to find occupations that would be compatible with my likes, abilities, and skill set, while taking into account my mental health issues. I’m hoping that ultimately they will be able to provide free training for me in a new, suitable career. Prayers are appreciated! 🙂

Later in the evening, I have hand bell rehearsal at my church. It should be fun, albeit challenging. My husband and I are actually attempting to arrive early in order to go over our parts individually.

Maybe by putting these thoughts on “paper” I will be able to let them go. To turn the “worry switch” off in my brain and be able to rest in God and His loving and competent control of my life.

These are the type of thoughts that I want to fall asleep thinking about. 🙂