When Things Come Unravelled

What causes me to unravel? That's a great question! And a question that I have never really asked myself before. So now is as good a time as ever! šŸ™‚ Here are some things that induceĀ a melt-down...or a mini-meltdown. Situations where I'm among a large crowd of peopleĀ (okay, so even a semi-large crowd is difficult … Continue reading When Things Come Unravelled

When You Feel Like an Outsider

Have you ever felt like an outlier (outsider)? Like someone who is just different from everyone else, who is far away and separated from other Ā "normal" people? I feel that way sometimes. When I have weird thoughts in my head...when I have emotions that don't make sense (or no emotions at all when I should … Continue reading When You Feel Like an Outsider