A Season of Anticipation


I’m somewhat of a country girl. 🙂 I grew up on a long, dead-end street where it took about fifteen minutes to get to the nearest convenience store. But I didn’t mind. It was what I was used to, and I learned to love many things about living in that area.

Today was a little different, as I had to go into the city for a doctor’s appointment. Now there’s nothing wrong with the city–I enjoy visiting once in a while, and there are many benefits for those who live there. But it’s just not my usual surroundings! So I felt quite out of place. A little nervous, a little uneasy…especially while driving.

On my way home from my appointment, I found myself looking for familiar landmarks. Something, ANYTHING, that would make me feel like I was getting close to home. I anticipated the turns I made onto each street, and celebrated when I caught sight of a store or a building that I recognized. I was looking forward to what was to come: reaching my familiar surroundings!

Photo credit: Jamie Trueblood, AP

I’m sure that there must have been great anticipation that led up to the birth of Christ. As different events occurred, people must have gotten more and more excited for what was to come. As all of the prophesies fell into place, a sense of eagerness probably grew to meet this Christ child.

Are you cultivating a sense of anticipation this Christmas season? Are you being mindful of what the season represents, and what it means for those who know Jesus as Savior, and for the rest of the world?

I ask myself this, and I pray that I will savor this special time of remembrance. That I will make time for stillness, for thoughtfulness, for quietness of mind and heart.

That I will make room for the Savior in my everyday moments. I don’t want this time to pass me by.

Will you share in this sense of anticipation with me by remembering Christ’s birth? Will you take time to consider what He ultimately came to do on this earth? Let us be filled will awe and amazement at the wonder of our gracious Father, who sent His only Son to redeem us, so that we can spend eternity in His loving presence.