Thankful Thursday

I’ve been trying to change my perspective and to acquire an attitude that is more grateful. And guess what? God is helping me!

My goal is to record at least three specific things from my day that I am thankful for. Some days may be harder than others, but I know that there are at least three things that I can find to praise God for. Truthfully, even if they’re bad things that happen or difficult situations that I’m struggling with, I should still be able to find something good in them.

So today is Thursday and both “Thankful” and “Thursday” begin with a “Th,” so I just had to pick today to start this journey. 😀 I think what I’m going to try to do is write a post each Thursday filled with all the things I’m grateful for from the previous week. We’ll see how it goes!

Three things from today that I’m thankful for:

  1. God helped me with my first day of scoring essays at my work-from-home job.
  2. I got to take a nice walk in my neighborhood with our dog, Daisy. Also, during the walk I was able to visit with a couple who lives close to us.
  3. I was able to visit my Hubby on his break at work tonight, and we had gift cards to get Starbucks drinks….Yum!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to continue this tradition of Thankful Thursday. Maybe you could even start a similar tradition, yourself! The more grateful we are, the more positive I believe we’ll be. ❤

Life to the Fullest

Recently we recognized the anniversary of a horrible car accident that I was in.

I was driving to my parents’ house when I fell asleep for a split second and crashed into a mailbox in front of a person’s home and then into a tree beyond that. My car caught on fire, and I tried to get out of the car, but I couldn’t. The door was stuck. The person inside the house there rushed out and was able to open the door and pull me out to safety.

Amazingly, although my car was completely destroyed, I came out of that accident in one piece. God had rescued me.

The thing is, at that time I did not want to be rescued. I was struggling with a deep depression and with suicidal thoughts, and I wished that the Lord had taken me in the crash.

That was a year ago.

At this point in time, I’d like to believe that God has more than begun to pull me up out of my pit of despair. I’m relying on Him to give me a more positive perspective, I’m seeking to be grateful in the midst of hardship, and I’m feeling more motivated in my daily activities. He’s helped me take baby steps!

So as I look back and remember this time last year, I do so with a thankful heart. The Lord gave me a second chance at life – and I want to live it to the fullest (John 10:10). ❤

P.S. Here is a picture of the car after my accident.


*Featured image by: Tattyan

A Change of Perspective

Today I started training for a new mini-job…and I liked it! It felt good to actually be doing something that is productive, and that will hopefully bring in a little extra money. And that gave me a tad bit of hope for tomorrow.

It got me thinking about perspective. I don’t often have a very good view on life. I focus on the things that I’m struggling with, instead of holding on to the joys and the blessings and the many things that I have to be thankful for. In any respect, my perspective could most definitely use an overhaul!

When I don’t feel motivated to do anything during the day, it brings me down. But instead of letting how I feel pull me into a pit of despair, I want to focus on taking a baby step towards accomplishing some goal, and thanking God when He helps me to take that step. When I feel alone and like no one understands what I’m going through, I want to focus on praising God that HE understands, and try to reach out to someone else who may be struggling. And when I want to give up because things are just too hard, I want to focus on the fact that the Lord has gotten me this far, and rejoice because He posesses an unlimited reserve of strength that is available to me for my journey.

I know that this change of perspective – this refined focus – is going to take time. But if I can apply this new outlook to even the smallest of everyday tasks, it will start to because more of a habit. And then it will become natural. And that’s the way I want it to be! I want to be a positive person.

Will you pray for me I seek to adopt a more positive perspective? I would greatly appreciate it. And what about you? Would you also like to change the way you look at life? Please feel free to leave a comment so that I can pray for you as well.

And remember…

Tomorrow is going to be amazing!