Thankful Thursday

I've been trying to change my perspective and to acquire an attitude that is more grateful. And guess what? God is helping me! My goal is to record at least three specific things from my day that I am thankful for. Some days may be harder than others, but I know that there are at least three … Continue reading Thankful Thursday

Life to the Fullest

Recently we recognized the anniversary of a horrible car accident that I was in. I was driving to my parents' house when I fell asleep for a split second and crashed into a mailbox in front of a person's home and then into a tree beyond that. My car caught on fire, and I tried to … Continue reading Life to the Fullest

A Change of Perspective

Today I started training for a new mini-job...and I liked it! It felt good to actually be doing something that is productive, and that will hopefully bring in a little extra money. And that gave me a tad bit of hope for tomorrow. It got me thinking about perspective. I don't often have a very … Continue reading A Change of Perspective