Forward Progress

It’s been a while since I’ve really shared about the specific circumstances going on in my life. Thankfully, right now, there seems to be forward progress.

First of all, things have moved ahead in my attempt to get help from the DVRS. They are going to fund my going back to school! I will be attending an Institute where I will study Microsoft Office applications along with Quickbooks software. My goal is to get a job working at a small store (preferably an art store), assisting them with their financial records. My first day of class is actually this upcoming Monday! I am nervous and excited at the same time. I’m hoping that I will be able to keep up with the pace of learning and to comprehend the material. Prayers are much appreciated! 🙂

Secondly, I’ve started a little side business with Steeped Tea, a company that originated in Canada and has now moved to the US as well. Steeped Tea sells delicious loose leaf teas along with adorable tea accessories – and I have the opportunity to share these products with my friends and family. I have to say, it’s been a challenge with my social anxiety, but I am taking it day by day. I’m hosting an “Online Party” right now, and hope to hold an in-home party sometime soon, so that people are able to taste the teas and learn more about their health benefits. If you enjoy tea and would like to learn more, I would LOVE for you to visit my personal Steeped Tea website, A Heart for Tea. Here you will be able to view an online catalog, get to know more about this wonderful company, and make a purchase if you see something that you like!

A third area in which I have made positive strides is my involvement in the Handbell Choir at my church. At first I was SO anxious and perfectionistic, making it quite difficult to enjoy the actual art of making music. But God has been teaching me to let go of the desire to not make any mistakes, and to try to focus on having fun. It is not easy, and I do not always succeed – but I am doing better, and for that I am thankful.

The point of this post is to share my gratefulness to God for answering my prayers and for giving me some forward direction. It’s been a long struggle, but my Lord is faithful – and He is unfolding His plan for me little by little.

Be encouraged! Even if you feel “stuck” where you are right now, change could be right around the corner. ❤

Photo Credit: Amanda Sandlin