Stone of Remembrance

This morning, after speaking to my Mother and then reading a devotional from Our Daily Bread, I was challenged to rememberRemember what God has brought me through; the battles He has already helped me overcome; the times that I so strongly wanted to give up, and yet God enabled me to keep going.

It’s so easy to forget those times.

It’s so easy to continue through life from one day to the next, focusing on our present difficulties and not taking the time to remember the victories that God has already accomplished in our lives.

But it’s in remembering that we gain the strength to push past our present difficulties and move forward.

After I completed a 12 week mental health program in September of this year, my small group held a little ceremony, and I was given the opportunity to choose a stone from a box. A stone that would help me to remember the time that I had spent in the program, and all that I had learned. It was meant to be a physical representation of this time in my life: of the struggles I faced, the hard work and effort I put into my recovery, the relationships that I built with my doctor, therapists, and group members–of the fact that I had reached the end of this specific journey and was now moving on to the next.

God has always been there for me. He has never let me down. Yes, there were–and still are–many times when I feel like I won’t be able to get through whatever it is I’m struggling with. Times when I prayed and prayed, yet felt like I received no clear answer from God. Times when I even doubted God, or got angry with Him, because it seemed like He wasn’t there, wasn’t helping me.

But the truth was–and IS–that God is there. He is with me. He is guiding me, strengthening me, encouraging me. Giving me the insight and wisdom that I need to make life decisions. Giving me the grace and mercy that I need when I mess up (and there are so many times that I mess up)! Giving me the understanding, acceptance, and compassion that I deeply long for, when I feel alone and misunderstood.

He is there for YOU today.

Take a moment to review your past experiences and to remember the difficulties that God has brought you through. There are most likely many circumstances that He has helped you to overcome! That same God–the God who helped you in times past–is with you today. And He will help you face the challenges of tomorrow. ❤

2 thoughts on “Stone of Remembrance

  1. Beautiful post – I love how you were give the opportunity to pick a stone. It’s wonderfully touching, such a sweet memory. 🙂 It made me smile, and I hope your journey continues to be brilliant!

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