The Joy Dare – Three Times I Saw Someone Smile

The dare for today was actually “Three Times You Heard Laughter,” but I read the prompt this morning, went about my day, and I guess it somehow got translated into being on the lookout for people smiling. *SMILE* Hey, it’s still an awesome thing to look for, right? 😀

  1. My Own Smile Regarding News Received – I wrote an email to someone last week containing questions about my desire to start a small business. This person had been very helpful already, but I knew that she was busy…and I tried to wait patiently. However, last night I sent a follow-up email to her – just to say that I hoped I hadn’t scared her away with all of my questions. 🙂 She graciously replied to my emails today with all of the information that I needed, and I think that it will help me to make a decision about moving forward.
  2. The Smile of a Friend after Receiving a Gift – After my doctor’s appointment today I stopped by Target to get a free (SCORE!) drink from Starbucks, and to pick up a few items for dinner. While getting my Cafe Mocha, I was able to talk to a friend who worked at the Starbucks. She was discouraged about some things that were going on, and it made me sad. So I ran back into Target, picked out a card and a small gift, and brought it back to her. Thankfully, it made her smile! I was so glad that I could help to make her feel a little better, that it made ME smile. I guess smiles truly are contagious! 🙂
  3. A Smile from My Hubby for a Tasty Dinner – Roy was hungry after a long day at work, so I said I’d make him meatloaf for dinner. We also had sweet potatoes and a side of corn, and washed it down with iced green tea. As you can see in the featured picture for this post, it put a smile on the hubby’s face. 🙂 Hey, I’ll take it!

Praise God for Three Times I Saw Someone Smile!

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