A Path of Perspiration

Today I’m beginning a course through WordPress, Writing 201: Poetry. I used to write poetry often when I was a teenager – it was a great way for me to get my thoughts and feelings onto paper, and also transform them into something more beautiful. But it’s been years since I’ve really taken the time to construct a poem.

So today’s challenge is – Day 1: Water, Haiku, Simile. That is, the writing prompt is water, and if you would like, you can write your poem in the format of a haiku, and/or use a simile.

Well, here goes. Please let me know what you think! ❤

A Path of Perspiration
A droplet of sweat
Like a slithering serpent
Descends from her brow.

7 thoughts on “A Path of Perspiration

  1. Lovely to hear that you’re embarking on this WP course! Lovely poem – particular liked the serpent analogy; best part for me about poetry is how unexpected each line can be! – and I look forward to reading more poems 😀

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