SUNSHINE! Gratefulness, And a Little Bit Accomplished

So today didn’t go quite as planned (but then again, what day does?) I didn’t get many of the things accomplished that I wanted to, but I am still grateful.

I WAS able to get a few thing done around the house. I WAS able to pay a bill (yay, lol!) And I WAS able to take my dog Daisy for a walk outside in – yes, it’s true: SUNSHINE! So for these things, I thank the Lord.

And I thank the Lord for the things that I DIDN’T get accomplished. Yes, I wish I would have had a much more profitable day, but I’m grateful that God is able to take my day and use it for His purposes. And hopefully tomorrow will yield better results.

Tonight my husband and I have the privilege of going over our friends’ house for dinner, and then to church for hand-bell practice. Ah, hand-bell practice. That is where my perfectionism and anxiety come in. But I am determined to stick to the two rules that I’ve made for myself: 1) Have fun, and 2) Be “okay” with making mistakes.

We’ll see how things go! ❤

Photo Credit: Alejandro Escamilla

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