Three Prayers Answered

So my last post was about unanswered prayer. Right on its heels comes this post, which is about three prayers that were all answered in the same day. God definitely works in mysterious ways. 🙂

Monday I began my first day of school at a local Institute to learn Microsoft Office and Quickbooks. It was the culmination of months of prayer and hard work. I had sought direction for a viable career plan, along with financial assistance to achieve that plan, through an agency for vocational rehabilitation. However I met with a lot of red tape in the beginning, instead of the progress that I was hoping and praying for. But thankfully, my counselor and I decided on a career plan and she was able to get my schooling funded! I was ecstatic, but still nervous about actually starting school. Well, I had a great first day of class, and I’m looking forward to the rest of my training. Prayer number one: answered.

The second prayer involved my Steeped Tea business, A Heart for Tea. I had been very anxious about how everything would work out, but Monday there was a mini breakthrough. I was able to complete an online “ParTEA” and submit an order through which I actually made a commission, along with earning free products! The process of getting to that point was not easy, and I know that I will need to continue to take small steps forward…but it’s a little victory, and for this answered prayer I am grateful!

Lastly, our church hand-bell choir has been practicing a more difficult song to play for Easter services. I had been attempting to focus on having fun and allowing myself to make mistakes, which was helpful. I practiced at home to try to learn my part better, but I still had difficulties at our practices. Monday afternoon I was able to find a way to get my part down, and I did fairly well at our practice! I was so proud of myself – but the credit really goes to God, who enabled me to play to the best of my ability and to play well.

I know these may seem like small things, but to me they were huge. I’m also learning that just because a prayer isn’t answered right away or “just the way I want it to be,” doesn’t mean that it won’t be answered. God has His ways and He has perfect timing. I’m just blessed to be a part of His lovingly orchestrated plan. ❤

Photo Credit: Aundre Larrow

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