Faith Walk

I’m finding that God is guiding me on a faith walk.

A walk where He leads, and I follow. A walk where He instructs, and I obey. A walk where He directs, and I trust. Or at least I try to – on all three accounts!

I’m beginning to hear His voice more. As I go throughout the day, I realize that I am looking to Him for help, for encouragement, for strength, for wisdom. For so many things. And I am very humbled and grateful that God has brought me to this point.

Even though I have a strong tendency to be anxious, the Lord is showing me that I can have a place of peace in Him. It certainly is a struggle to find that place often times, but still it is another area in which He is helping me to take baby steps.

And with the faith that God gives me, I will continue to take one step after another in my walk with Him. ❤

Photo Credit: Mariona Campmany

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