Learning to Wait

Wait with patience, my Savior bids me –

He will not long delay.

The answer to my heartfelt cries

Will comes in His time and way.


Wait with peace, the Lord reminds me –

He yearns for me to be

Resting in His loving presence,

Without fear or anxiety.


Wait with hope, God seeks to teach me –

I can trust His heart of love.

He always does what’s best for me,

By sending blessings from above.


Wait with faith, for He is faithful –

Thus far hath He carried me.

And He will keep His promises

Throughout time and eternity.



Photo Credit: Yaoqi Lai

5 thoughts on “Learning to Wait

  1. The opening line is the part that is so difficult, waiting with patience, but he the Lord is so patient with us. The Lord yearns for out like Marr, to just rest at Jesus’ feet, listening and being present in the moment of the waiting and being.

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