A Ray of Sunshine

I had a good day today. Not necessarily because it was Valentine’s Day – although my husband did help me make a delicious dinner to celebrate. Not because I didn’t struggle with anxiety and depression – although I was able to combat it a little more thoroughly. And not because everything went perfectly – although I’m finally starting to learn that perfection is not something I need to seek.

But I could see the sunshine. Not only in the sky (which was extremely nice to see and feel), but also in my life.

I was blessed to be able to share some time with a friend today. We walked and talked and it was so nice! I have spent much of my time kind of closed up in my house…and it was great to be able to get out and get some fresh air.

It may not seem like much, but it was a big encouragement to me. I’m grateful to God for the ray of sunshine…and trusting that He will help me to see the hope that is to be found in each day that He gives us.

Photo by: Zwaddi

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