Coins in a Jar

Forty-four dollars and nineteen cents.

That’s how much money I received from the machine after putting in all of the coins that my Dad had saved up for me. He loves throwing his change in a jar when he comes home from work, and then giving it to me to cash out and use towards things that I need.

I went food shopping after I traded in my coins. I attempted to add up in my head the cost of the things that I was putting in my cart, but I soon lost count. Going down my grocery list, I picked up the items that I needed, and was finally ready to check out. As the cashier rang up my items, I was praying that I had enough cash to pay for it. And you’ll never guess how much the total came to:

Forty-four dollars and nineteen cents!

Isn’t our God amazing?! He knew how much money I needed, and He provided it for me – nothing more, and nothing less.

And I know that His provision wasn’t just about money. It was about my Father showing me, in a manner that I could not deny, that He sees me. He sees the things that I’m going through. He sees my heart and my desire to please Him. He sees my struggles and my shortcomings and my sins…and He loves me just the same.

I am His daughter, and He lovingly cares for my needs.

So whatever situation you are in today, just know that God sees you. He sees every detail of Your situation, and He cares deeply. If you will trust Him with your life, He will gladly take your burdens and will faithfully provide for you in His own time and way – just as He graciously did for me.

That’s the simple lesson that God taught me through coins in a jar.


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