Keep My Eyes on Your Face

You bless and restore me;
You love and adore me;
You go behind and before me…
Your glory has no bounds.
You guide and protect me;
You never reject me;
You’re there to collect me
When I fall to the ground.
You give wisdom and strength;
You go to great lengths
To make some sort of sense
Out of my poor, frazzled mind.
You are holy and just;
You do what You must
To teach me how to trust
That when I seek I will find.
You know what is best;
I will turn from the rest
As You draw me close to Your chest
And whisper words of grace.
You hear every prayer;
You show me You’re there
And that I need not despair…
Just keep my eyes on Your face.

© by Crystal Knauss


Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash

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