He is Always There

Floating along in a sea of people,
I feel all alone;

For though there are many faces,
By them I’m not known.

I smile, and speak, and gesture –
But nobody cares.

They gaze in my direction
But it’s just a blank stare.

This time of year is supposed to be
Merry and bright…

But all I can feel is an ache
That won’t pass with the night.

Thank God for Jesus, the One
Who is always there;

He brings peace when I’m fretful
And joy when I’m full of despair.


I apologize for the disheartening nature of this poem…but it’s how I’m feeling right now, and I wanted to be real about it. There is a light, however, in the darkness: Jesus, the Son of God, Who came to earth to give us abundant life – both now and throughout eternity. With Him, I (and you) will never be alone. ❤


Photo by Kleiton Silva on Unsplash

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