Welcome in the Sunshine

Sunshine and fresh air
Help to erase the sadness;
I walk along the street
With my puppy on my heels.
The wind and the rays
Carry hope for tomorrow –
The change in the seasons
Has brought change in my heart.

I wish that every day
Could be a day like this one,
A day where sunlight shines
Into the depths of my soul.
I know that the rain
And the darkness have a purpose,
But right now I want to remain
A little longer in this warmth.

The rain will come,
And the darkness along with it,
To match the despair
That is buried deep inside;
But I do have the light
Of my Savior God within me,
And as I cling to His side
He will cover me with His love.

Each day is a new day
To welcome in the sunshine,
Whether it be the light from the sun
Or the Light from within.
So wherever you are,
Whatever you’re facing –
Welcome in the sunshine
And be filled to the brim. ❤

© Crystal Knauss

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

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