St. Patty’s Day Stroll

It's such a beautiful day! The pets loved it, too. 🙂 Daisy and I took two long strolls around the neighborhood. We enjoyed the sun, the fresh air, and the signs of Spring. The featured picture is one that I took around the corner from our house. It was just so invigorating to be outside! … Continue reading St. Patty’s Day Stroll

The Joy Dare – Three Gifts White

Today I was able to jump back into my Joy Dare challenge! The challenge today was to find Three Gifts White. While it snowed today, and it was very beautiful, I couldn't bring myself to list that as one of the gifts, lol! It's been a long winter. However, it was a gift for our … Continue reading The Joy Dare – Three Gifts White

In the Moment

I'm sipping on my iced coffee. I feel it spiraling down into my stomach. It tastes good. 🙂 I hear the dryer tossing our clothes. My husband is getting ready in the bathroom. He's listening to a sermon on his iPad. He's in my life, encouraging me, reassuring me. I'm closing my eyes. I'm being … Continue reading In the Moment