How to Soar

I wrote this poem several days ago but haven’t been able to post it until now. It was inspired by something incredibly sweet that was said to me by a friend – words that really encouraged me and made me feel like God was using me to be a help to her.

How to Soar

Tears of joy stream down my cheek…
I’ve never felt this way before;
That God, who answers as I seek,
Has led me through an open door.
The choices I’ve made – both bad and good –
He’s used to cleanse and change my heart,
Even though I have never understood
Why He’s allowed the things that tore me apart.
I know my God is good – He’s proven it’s true;
And He’s shown me time and time again
That if I will only follow His cue,
He’ll guide and direct me to the end.
I don’t know what He has in store,
But I know He wants what’s best for me;
He’s slowly teaching me how to soar
How to let go, and how to live as free.

© by Crystal Knauss

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Within Your Love


Deep within Your love
Is where I want to be…
From this very moment
Throughout all eternity.
Pursue me with Your kindness,
Envelop me in Your care;
Cover me with Your grace,
I long to be held there.
There’s no person in the world
Your love does not embrace;
From this earth, to the stars,
And through all of time and space.
You desire our affection
Even though You are Lord of all;
You see every time we’re hurting,
And You hear us when we call.
It’s too much for me to imagine –
Far greater than I can comprehend,
That the God of all creation
Desires to be my friend!
But I hold on to Your promise;
I know Your Word is true.
Father, I am so grateful:
Because You love me, I can love You.

Written by Crystal Knauss

Escaping Emptiness

Words elude me.
They fly away
Like a flock of birds
Soaring over my head,
Just out of the reach
Of my grasping fingertips.
I long to write –
To share everything
That’s going on
Inside my heart and mind –
But each time I try
I come up empty.
And what do you do
With something that is empty?
You fill it! So I am going to fill
This void that I am feeling
With emptiness itself,
And pray that my words
Will return again soon.


Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash