Welcome in the Sunshine

Sunshine and fresh air
Help to erase the sadness;
I walk along the street
With my puppy on my heels.
The wind and the rays
Carry hope for tomorrow –
The change in the seasons
Has brought change in my heart.

I wish that every day
Could be a day like this one,
A day where sunlight shines
Into the depths of my soul.
I know that the rain
And the darkness have a purpose,
But right now I want to remain
A little longer in this warmth.

The rain will come,
And the darkness along with it,
To match the despair
That is buried deep inside;
But I do have the light
Of my Savior God within me,
And as I cling to His side
He will cover me with His love.

Each day is a new day
To welcome in the sunshine,
Whether it be the light from the sun
Or the Light from within.
So wherever you are,
Whatever you’re facing –
Welcome in the sunshine
And be filled to the brim. ❤

© Crystal Knauss

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

Your Future Awaits

The future.
Those two words
Can stir within us
Feelings of fear, of foreboding.
They can also incite
Feelings of excitement
And anticipation.
The future holds anxiety,
Because it is unknown.
It also holds hope,
Because there is a chance
That good things will transpire.
So how do we encourage
The good feelings over the bad?
How do we focus
On the positive
Rather than the negative?
I think that first we must take
A baby step forward.
Without that step,
We will never behold
What is on the other side
Of the closed door.
But just one baby step –
And then another –
And another still…
Will open that closed door
And unveil a world
Of opportunity.
So don’t be afraid
To take that first baby step…
Your future awaits.

© Copyright by Crystal Knauss

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Keep My Eyes on Your Face

You bless and restore me;
You love and adore me;
You go behind and before me…
Your glory has no bounds.
You guide and protect me;
You never reject me;
You’re there to collect me
When I fall to the ground.
You give wisdom and strength;
You go to great lengths
To make some sort of sense
Out of my poor, frazzled mind.
You are holy and just;
You do what You must
To teach me how to trust
That when I seek I will find.
You know what is best;
I will turn from the rest
As You draw me close to Your chest
And whisper words of grace.
You hear every prayer;
You show me You’re there
And that I need not despair…
Just keep my eyes on Your face.

© by Crystal Knauss


Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash