Don’t Be Afraid to Crawl

“Like a new born baby
Don’t be afraid to crawl…”

As I drove home tonight after meeting with my family and a good friend, I heard a song that has always been special to me. The lyrics speak to me, in their honest simplicity–but it was a single line of those lyrics that jumped out at me this time. “Like a new born baby, don’t be afraid to crawl.”

I have been wanting to try some craft projects, with the possibility of even making some items to sell. But I thought I’d start by creating a set of coasters for a special couple for Christmas. Well, Christmas has come and gone, and I had not even begun making the coasters–until tonight. That line of text in the song and some encouragement from my friend nudged me to move forward.

So I got out my supplies and tried my best to make a gift that this special couple would like. It will be a set of four coasters with a Christmas theme. I used stamp and ink along with permanent markers to create images on travertine tiles. Now I must bake the tiles to set the ink, and add felt backings so that the coasters will not damage furniture. Travertine tile is an absorbent material, so it should be very practical for holding drinks.

Here are what the tiles look like so far:


The point of this post is to share my joy in the fact that I was able to begin a project that seemed overwhelming for quite some time. I’m grateful for the gentle–and yet clear–nudging, which gave me the motivation to start “crawling.” 🙂 Who knows, maybe my crawl will progress into steps, and even into a walk? We shall see! God is good, and I praise Him for what He enabled me to accomplish.

Lyrics from Untitled Hymn, by Chris Rice

Photo Credit for image of baby crawling: Tatjana Kaufmann/Moment/Getty Images