Thankful Thursday (episode 3)

So I did a little better this week with remembering to record the things that I'm thankful for. šŸ™‚ That's a blessing in and of itself! The reminders from the app (theĀ Five Minute Journal) helped a little...but it always seems like when I receive a reminder, I'm busy at that moment and can't record my … Continue reading Thankful Thursday (episode 3)

Cold Evening, Warm Meal

It was quiteĀ cold outside tonight, so while I waited for my Hubby to get done work, I cooked a warm, tasty meal. The Pork Marsala turned out fairlyĀ well, and I added a buttered corn muffin to go along with it. I've used this recipe several timesĀ before, and would really recommend it to anyone looking for … Continue reading Cold Evening, Warm Meal