Snowy Backyard Sights

Our area has received several inches of snow over the past few days, and the results have been quite lovely. I took these pictures after the first covering of the white crystals. The photos are of simple objects, but when blanketed in snow, they are somehow made more beautiful. 🙂

From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea
Creation’s revealing Your majesty
From the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring
Every creature unique in the song that it sings

Who has told every lightning bolt where it should go
Or seen heavenly storehouses laden with snow
Who imagined the sun and gives source to its light
Yet conceals it to bring us the coolness of night
None can fathom

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name
You are amazing God
All powerful, untameable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God

~ from “Indescribable,” by Chris Tomlin

The Joy Dare – A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen

Can I just say, it is so neat how God is opening my eyes to see these “gifts” of His each day? How wonderful it is to be able to focus on the positive things that He provides for me, and to give Him the praise that He deserves!

  1. A Song of Praise – We sang the song “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin last night at our church worship group, and I heard it again today on the radio in my car. 🙂 It’s a beautiful song, giving praise to God as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. It also ties in the fact that this all-powerful God loves each of us and is deeply involved in our lives.
  2. Words of Truth – Also at our church last night, the worship leader spoke words of God’s truth that encouraged my heart. Our area had just received a covering of snow on the ground. She stated that when snow first falls from heaven and covers the earth, it is very white and beautiful and flawless. But when we trudge through it with our feet, we muck it all up. This is comparable to our lives. When God allows certain situations to unfold for us, they start out beautifully as we receive them by faith and move forward with Him. But when we try to manipulate and change and control, we “muck it all up”! I just thought that this was a good word picture that reminds us to trust our lives into His hands.
  3. A Light in the Distance – After my doctor’s appointment today, I came out of the building to my car so that I could drive home. However, something told me to check my car’s tires. Sure enough, one of them was extremely low. I put air into the tire and the machine read that it was at the correct PSI, but the tire was still almost flat. I had no other way to get home, so I prayed, and drove slowly back to our neighborhood. I was so worried that the tire would go flat and that I would be stuck on the side of the road. However, as our house came into view, it was like seeing a “light in the distance.” I pulled into our driveway with gratefulness that God had guided me safely home.

Praise God for Songs Heard, Soft Words, and Lights Seen! ❤

Photo Credit: Ali Inay