My Sweet Valentine

I’m soooooo grateful for Roy, my Sweet Valentine! He is a wonderful husband, and I am thankful to God for the love that we share.

But I am even more thankful for the love of my God and Father, the Creator of all the earth. It’s so amazing that He loves each and every one of us, and that we have the opportunity to share that love with others! ❤

Near, so very near to You
Nearer I could not be,
For in the Person of Your Son
I’m just as near as He!
Dear, so very dear to You,
I could not dearer be;
The love wherewith You loved Your Son,
Such is Your love for me!
~ Adapted from “A Mind at Perfect Peace” by Catesby Pagent

The Joy Dare – Three Gifts Red

Rojo. Rouge. Rot. Rosso. Today’s dare was to identify three gifts RED! I thought that this would be a difficult challenge; but thankfully, red is a dazzling color, and the gifts just kind of popped out at me. 😉

  1. A Gift to Be Worn – My Mom gave me a pretty sweater a month or so ago (for Christmas, actually). I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it yet…but with Valentine’s Day coming up soon, this would be the perfect opportunity! The sweater reminds me of my Mom’s thoughtfulness and generosity.IMG_0954
  2. A Gift to Display – A second gift that my Mom gave me recently was a Valentine’s Day wreath. I can put it up outside our front door, or anywhere else around the house. I’m just very grateful that she thinks about me wherever she is, and takes the time to pick something up for me that she believes I will like. 🙂valentine-wreath
  3. A Gift to be ReadGod’s Heart For You by Holley Gerth is actually a gift that I purchased for myself several years ago. 😀 It’s a calendar with a quote or saying for each day, that is meant to encourage and uplift you. I’m not extremely faithful about reading it, but when I do, God always seems to have the perfect words of love for me.IMG_0951


You really are forgiven,



brand new.

All those mistakes,

all that pain,

there’s only

one thing that remains…



Praise God for Three Gifts Red!

Featured Photo Credit: Unknown