Your Future Awaits

The future.
Those two words
Can stir within us
Feelings of fear, of foreboding.
They can also incite
Feelings of excitement
And anticipation.
The future holds anxiety,
Because it is unknown.
It also holds hope,
Because there is a chance
That good things will transpire.
So how do we encourage
The good feelings over the bad?
How do we focus
On the positive
Rather than the negative?
I think that first we must take
A baby step forward.
Without that step,
We will never behold
What is on the other side
Of the closed door.
But just one baby step –
And then another –
And another still…
Will open that closed door
And unveil a world
Of opportunity.
So don’t be afraid
To take that first baby step…
Your future awaits.

© Copyright by Crystal Knauss

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

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