Thankful Thursday – And an Attitude Adjustment

God showed me today that I’ve been harboring an ungrateful attitude. Instead of letting go of the little things that bother me, I’ve been clinging to them and blowing them out of proportion. It’s difficult to receive an attitude adjustment…but God knows what I need, and always does what’s best for me.

So I figured it would be good to focus on some things that I’m thankful for. This way I can hopefully kick the ungratefulness to the curb. Here are a few things that I’m specifically thankful for today.

  1. The calming sound of the rain as it waters the earth. We’ve been getting a lot of rain along with thunder and lightning recently. Although I don’t enjoy when I have to go outside during a downpour, I do like listening to the steady rain on our rooftop when I’m trying to fall asleep at night.
  2. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other celebrations of life. Although I’m not a big fan of parties, it’s still nice to celebrate important milestones with friends and family.
  3. Books. Enough said.
  4. Coffee. Not much to add to that, either.
  5. A husband who works very hard to provide for our family. Even though he’s not crazy about his jobs, Roy shows up each day and does the best that he can.
  6. The vacation we were able to take. It’s not often that we get a lot of time together to just relax…but our trip to Virginia was a needed break, and we’re grateful to God for it.
  7. That God sees us and knows us completely and still loves us just the same.
  8. Good memories. It’s nice to reminisce with loved ones about stories from the past. The memories can even spur you on towards the future.
  9. Nature. Flowers, trees, raindrops, insects, clouds, and sunrises/sunsets are just a few. Nature inspires me.
  10. Prayer warriors. I’m so thankful for people who lift me up in prayer. When I’m weak, I know that others are helping to carry my burdens to the Lord.

Thank you so much for reading. 🙂 What is something that you are thankful for today? ❤

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

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