Forward Progress

It's been a while since I've really shared about the specific circumstances going on in my life. Thankfully, right now, there seems to be forward progress. First of all, things have moved ahead in my attempt to get help from the DVRS. They are going to fund my going back to school! I will be attending … Continue reading Forward Progress

Singing in the Fire

The following story was related by Mrs. Charles Spurgeon, who suffered greatly with poor health for more than twenty-five years: At the end of a dull and dreary day, I lay resting on my couch as the night grew darker. Although my room was bright and cozy, some of the darkness outside seemed to have entered … Continue reading Singing in the Fire

A Time of Transition

It's been a time of transition. I've begun my business as a Steeped Tea Independent Consultant, and I'm learning more each day. I'm tasting the teas, reading the manuals, connecting with others on social networks. Trying my best to make it work. I've also received notice that I have been approved for funding to go … Continue reading A Time of Transition