At Day’s End

I captured the above photo after stopping in a parking lot on my way home from my final Career class today. I had been scared to attend, as we were scheduled to have mock interviews...and that's not exactly my forte. But I faced my fear, and even though things didn't go as well as I had hoped, I was … Continue reading At Day’s End

The Joy Dare – Three Surprise Gifts

I slept in late this morning (I couldn't fall asleep last night), so I was concerned that I wouldn't have much time to encounter my "Three Surprise Gifts" today. But as I've mentioned in the past, God always seems to provide! 🙂 A Video that Made me Smile - I have a friend on the blogosphere named … Continue reading The Joy Dare – Three Surprise Gifts

A Hidden Purpose

Nothing is ever easy. I'm learning that more and more as I travel through life. And it gets quite depressing. But I'm also learning that even though nothing comes easily in life, the things that are important to me are worth the effort. The past few days have been difficult. I'm not doing well on my … Continue reading A Hidden Purpose