This Desert Holds a Song

When you're in a desert, you most likely don't think about singing. You think about how hot it is. You think about how thirsty you are. You think about how amazing a sip of water would taste. You wonder why you are where you are and how you got there. You think about GETTING OUT … Continue reading This Desert Holds a Song

Gold in the Rubble

A flood once washed away a poor man's home and mill, taking with it everything he owned in the world. He stood at the scene of his great loss, brokenhearted and discouraged. Yet after the waters had subsided, he saw something shining in the riverbanks that the flood had washed bare. "It looks like gold," … Continue reading Gold in the Rubble

Weighed Down

I'm feeling fairly anxious today. Different things have happened, and just the cares of everyday life are pulling me down. It's like I'm trapped under a pile of fall leaves, unable to uncover myself. The leaves are light in weight--in that, the situations that cause me to worry are not large in magnitude. But when … Continue reading Weighed Down