For the Glory of Your Name

A visitor at a school for the deaf was writing questions on the board for the children. Soon he wrote this sentence: "Why has God made me able to hear and speak, and made you deaf?" The shocking sentence hit the children like a cruel slap on the face. They sat paralyzed, pondering the dreadful … Continue reading For the Glory of Your Name

Step Into the River

As soon as the priests...set foot in the Jordan, its waters...will be cut off. ~ Joshua 3:13 The Israelites were not to wait in the camp until the Jordan was opened but to "walk by faith" (2 Cor. 5:7). They were to break camp, pack up their belongings, form a marching line, and actually step … Continue reading Step Into the River

The Joy Dare – Three Times I Saw Someone Smile

The dare for today was actually "Three Times You Heard Laughter," but I read the prompt this morning, went about my day, and I guess it somehow got translated into being on the lookout for people smiling. *SMILE* Hey, it's still an awesome thing to look for, right? 😀 My Own Smile Regarding News Received … Continue reading The Joy Dare – Three Times I Saw Someone Smile