Blessings to You!

A profitable meeting at DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) regarding possible job training opportunities. A lovely dinner gathering with great friends around a table of yummy food. And an enjoyable time at church handbell practice, during which I met two goals: have fun, and be "okay" with making mistakes. Yesterday was a good day! And I have … Continue reading Blessings to You!

In the Moment

I'm sipping on my iced coffee. I feel it spiraling down into my stomach. It tastes good. 🙂 I hear the dryer tossing our clothes. My husband is getting ready in the bathroom. He's listening to a sermon on his iPad. He's in my life, encouraging me, reassuring me. I'm closing my eyes. I'm being … Continue reading In the Moment

Turning Off the Worry Switch

Racing thoughts. Irrational thoughts. Relentless thoughts. When will they end? I lay awake at night, sleep eluding me, and wonder why my mind won't just "shut down." I had a fairly good day: accomplished several chores, worked on my blog, shared some time with my husband, caught up with my mom over the phone, and … Continue reading Turning Off the Worry Switch