Embracing Acceptance

Amazingly (and yet I really shouldn’t be amazed), the evening after writing my last post regarding my longing to be accepted for who I am, I opened my inspirational calendar to this quote:

When we open our hearts and let God speak to us, we discover we’re truly known and loved in a way we never thought possible. The acceptance we long for is already ours if only we’ll dare to embrace it.

So here’s to daring to embrace acceptance! The knowledge that God loves me and accepts me is a truth I really do know deep down in my heart, but I think–like many other areas of my life–it will require me to embark on a journey to experience it fully.

Thank you, Father, for embracing me freely, and for showing me (however long it may take) how to embrace You in return.

Quote from: God’s Heart for You, by Holley Gerth

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