Embracing Acceptance

Amazingly (and yet I really shouldn't be amazed), the evening after writing my last post regarding my longing to be accepted for who I am, I opened my inspirational calendar to this quote: When we open our hearts and let God speak to us, we discover we're truly known and loved in a way we … Continue reading Embracing Acceptance

Longing for Acceptance

Feelings of insecurity assail me. I compare myself to others, And always come up short. I want to be myself - To be who I truly am... But I am afraid. Afraid that people won't like me. Afraid that I am different; That I won't fit in. All that I have ever wanted Was to … Continue reading Longing for Acceptance

Experiencing the Love of God

We are a part of the family of God--and so we belong with Him. There is no special ticket, no need to earn or prove ourselves. For better or worse, we have His name, His love, His loyalty, His acceptance.And because of this we can have hope. He said that He is going to build … Continue reading Experiencing the Love of God