The Joy Dare – Three Gifts White

Today I was able to jump back into my Joy Dare challenge! The challenge today was to find Three Gifts White. While it snowed today, and it was very beautiful, I couldn’t bring myself to list that as one of the gifts, lol! It’s been a long winter. However, it was a gift for our dog Daisy, who romped around in it like nobody’s business. If I get time, I will post some of the pictures that I took of her. 😀

  1. A Gate – We needed a gate for our dog and cat (Daisy and Misty), to keep Daisy out of Misty’s litter box (ick!) towards the back of the house. My Mom and Dad helped out a lot when we first got Daisy less than a year ago, and purchasing this gate for us was one of the things that they did. 🙂
  2. A Washer – When the washer that came with our house died some time ago, we were at a loss for what to do. Roy’s Mom and Dad came to the rescue! They helped us pick out and purchase (as well as install) a new washer for us. We were so grateful! It was something we used constantly, and being able to purchase a new one meant that we didn’t have to go to a laundromat.
  3. A Candle Topper – I forget what the occasion was, but Roy’s parents also got us a cute candle topper for us to use with our candles. We had never tried such a thing before, and now that we have, we really like it. The design is so pretty, too! It may seem like a small thing, but sometimes it’s the little things that really make you smile. Thanks, Mom and Dad! ❤

It wasn’t difficult to find Three Gifts White today. Actually, there were more gifts that could have been chronicled. But for these three specifically, I give thanks. God is good!

The Joy Dare – Three Times I Saw Someone Smile

The dare for today was actually “Three Times You Heard Laughter,” but I read the prompt this morning, went about my day, and I guess it somehow got translated into being on the lookout for people smiling. *SMILE* Hey, it’s still an awesome thing to look for, right? 😀

  1. My Own Smile Regarding News Received – I wrote an email to someone last week containing questions about my desire to start a small business. This person had been very helpful already, but I knew that she was busy…and I tried to wait patiently. However, last night I sent a follow-up email to her – just to say that I hoped I hadn’t scared her away with all of my questions. 🙂 She graciously replied to my emails today with all of the information that I needed, and I think that it will help me to make a decision about moving forward.
  2. The Smile of a Friend after Receiving a Gift – After my doctor’s appointment today I stopped by Target to get a free (SCORE!) drink from Starbucks, and to pick up a few items for dinner. While getting my Cafe Mocha, I was able to talk to a friend who worked at the Starbucks. She was discouraged about some things that were going on, and it made me sad. So I ran back into Target, picked out a card and a small gift, and brought it back to her. Thankfully, it made her smile! I was so glad that I could help to make her feel a little better, that it made ME smile. I guess smiles truly are contagious! 🙂
  3. A Smile from My Hubby for a Tasty Dinner – Roy was hungry after a long day at work, so I said I’d make him meatloaf for dinner. We also had sweet potatoes and a side of corn, and washed it down with iced green tea. As you can see in the featured picture for this post, it put a smile on the hubby’s face. 🙂 Hey, I’ll take it!

Praise God for Three Times I Saw Someone Smile! ❤

The Joy Dare – Three Surprise Gifts

I slept in late this morning (I couldn’t fall asleep last night), so I was concerned that I wouldn’t have much time to encounter my “Three Surprise Gifts” today. But as I’ve mentioned in the past, God always seems to provide! 🙂

  1. A Video that Made me Smile – I have a friend on the blogosphere named “Z,” and she is just AWESOME. I hopped on over to her site today, and was surprised by the amusement that a video she had posted gave to me. 😀 It is a video of her preparing a cup of tea. It may not sound like it would be too enthralling, but, because of Z, it was! You MUST visit her blog and check out the video. It is so entirely cute! And please, read her posts and get to know her better. She is such a special little lady! ❤
  2. Coinciding Pet Naps – I know that it might not seem like much, but my dog Daisy and cat Misty took naps at the same time today. This enabled me to be able to fill out some paperwork that I needed to complete for an upcoming doctor’s appointment. It is not all the time that this happens, so I was – yes – pleasantly SURPRISED! 😉
  3. An Awesome Handbell Rehearsal – My last surprise came this evening as our handbell choir practiced for the final time before our performance this Sunday. It was wondrous! Did I play perfectly? No. Did I nail every part that I was supposed to? No. But there were one or two repetitions of the more difficult piece we’re performing that made me happy, because I actually played a section correctly that I had been struggling with. Now I’m just praying that I remember how to recreate this for the performance!

Praise God for Three Surprise Gifts of Unexpected Grace! ❤

Photo Credit: Zwaddi