So Much to be Thankful For

I have a lot to be thankful for right now. Things that I have been worried about are being worked out. Are they perfect or exactly where I would want them to be? No–but what is important is that God is hearing my prayers and working in my life and the lives of those I love.

I just want to thank my readers for listening to my rants; I know that I can get very “down” sometimes, and it can probably be discouraging. But thank God that He doesn’t leave me where I am! He continues to guide me along my “Journey of Faith”…and I am so grateful for His care, and for the support of the people in my life–including those who read and support me through my blog.

Writing has truly been an outlet! Awesome–another thing to thank God for! 🙂 He is so good. In the good times, and in the bad times. I pray that I will remember His goodness each day, and that it will give me the strength to keep going when things get tough.

God’s blessings to all of you! And I hope that you are enjoying this season of remembrance, and this time to praise God for the gift of His Son.

Thank you again for taking this journey with me! ❤

Photo Credit: Jake Givens

I Can See a Light

I’ve been feeling pretty depressed the past several days. Yesterday was especially bad. I went up on one of my medications recently, so that could definitely be affecting me…along with other factors. But I was able to go to my therapist appointment today and talk some things out, which was very helpful.

As I was driving home from my appointment I treated myself to a Snicker-doodle latte at Dunkin Donuts (I had a coupon, of course 😉 !) and one of their new croissants/donuts with a chocolate drizzle. It’s amazing how little things like this can lift your spirits! I think that’s one of the things that has been pulling me down lately: I haven’t been taking the time to do the things that I enjoy. I just haven’t felt like doing them! Well, I pretty much haven’t felt like doing anything. But I’ve learned in the past and need to put back into practice the fact that when I don’t feel like taking care of myself, I need to do it anyway–and the enjoyment will come eventually. 🙂

I’m just so thankful for the support of my family and my close friends…and most importantly, for God. Without them and without God, I really don’t think I would make it. I am just in awe of the fact that the Lord doesn’t let me go–doesn’t give up on me, even when I give up on Him, in a sense. He’s so faithful, and I pray that I never forget this!

If you’re feeling down today, take at least a few minutes to do something that you enjoy–even if you don’t feel like it. It may seem like a chore at first, but I hope that the pleasure would come as you push forward through the mud and the muck. And depression IS a pit of mud and muck. You constantly have to crawl out of it. But thank God that we have Him to not only help us crawl out, but to lift us up on all sides and set us on our feet again. May we always remember the times in the past that He has come to our aide, and trust that He will do the same in our current situation, and for everything that we encounter in the future! ❤

Image Credit: Unknown

The Blessing of Family

My Mother helping me to get prepared on my wedding day! 🙂

I’m so grateful for my family! Yesterday afternoon my Mom drove an hour from her home to mine, just to visit me and to help me with several projects around the house.

We went shopping for necessary items, and then came back to my home to get to work. My Mom helped me to organize the cabinets in my kitchen and bathroom. We were able to consolidate things by discarding outdated items, so we could make our living space more usable.

I don’t know what I would do without my family. My parents, brother, and grandmother (along with the rest of my family) are such a blessing to me. Also, my husband’s family has been there for us more times than I can count. Without them I don’t know where we would be–truly!

I really believe that one of the biggest ways that God has been providing for us is through our families. When we think we’ve hit rock bottom, they are there with just the right help and support that we need.

Thank you, Precious Father! Thank You for the support and love of our family and friends. Thank you for not leaving us to live this life on our own. You have given us, first and foremost, Yourself. But You have also, in Your great mercy and kindness, seen our need for human love and companionship. You have not left us helpless. You have been–and always will be–our Faithful Helper…One on whom we can fully depend.