What I’ve Learned (So Far) About Mental Illness

Struggling with mental health issues has been almost a lifelong journey for me. Anxiety, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), and depression developed in my early teen years and have shape-shifted in my life for the past two decades. But dealing with mental illness doesn't mean that you can't fight it and determine how to thrive. It doesn't … Continue reading What I’ve Learned (So Far) About Mental Illness

In the Moment

I'm sipping on my iced coffee. I feel it spiraling down into my stomach. It tastes good. 🙂 I hear the dryer tossing our clothes. My husband is getting ready in the bathroom. He's listening to a sermon on his iPad. He's in my life, encouraging me, reassuring me. I'm closing my eyes. I'm being … Continue reading In the Moment

I Can See a Light

I've been feeling pretty depressed the past several days. Yesterday was especially bad. I went up on one of my medications recently, so that could definitely be affecting me...along with other factors. But I was able to go to my therapist appointment today and talk some things out, which was very helpful. As I was … Continue reading I Can See a Light